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    What do you guys think about over diagnoses of bipolar 1 disorder in children?


    I am doing my clinical orientation with a child and adolescent psychiatrist.... more

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    Amazing that it's time for our fall conference already!

    This year has flown by! It is already time for our fall conference, which... more

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    Self Care : What does that mean to you?

    North Carolina Chapter

    Many nurses dont take care of themselves and get burnt out, and it can impact... more

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Mother-in-law really needs to get message - Clinton Herald

Mother-in-law really needs to get message
Clinton Herald
Psychiatrists are medical doctors with a specialty in psychiatric medications. On the West Coast, they are not referred to as therapists, but as psychiatrists. ILLINOIS: Mental health nurse practitioners can also prescribe medications. MIDDLEBURY VT ...

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Abbott protects identity of fired Parkland nurse - Dallas Morning News

Abbott protects identity of fired Parkland nurse
Dallas Morning News
The article described how Parkland caregivers strapped down a spitting psychiatric patient in March, and one of De Guzman's fellow nurses shoved a toilet paper roll into her mouth. State rules prohibit obstruction of a psychiatric patient's airway or ...

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