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Jasmine Bratton, RN



Welcome! to my profile and thank you for your interest!

I come from NYC. I grew- up in Queens, NY. I have a absolute passion and adoration for the field of nursing. I was raised in a nursing atmosphere where my mother constantly engaged me in every aspect of the field from a young age. What 10 year old can name every bone in the human body! Yeah I could :-) I spent days at work with mom and played with stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs you name it. In the beginning I was a young girl learning about something I didn't fully understand, but I knew I enjoyed. In the end I 'am woman learning about something I fully understand, and still enjoy.
Thank you mommy for passing on what has given you so much fulfillment, because now it is fulfilling me.

So that was a heart felt brief on my background into nursing so where am I at now?
I completed Chamberlain College of Nursing RN to BSN program in April 2015.
I'm enrolled into Chamberlain's Master Degree of Nursing Education program.
I plan to pursue a career in nursing education as a faculty professor, as well as continue as a Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse for the North-Well Health Hospital System, formerly known as North Shore Long Island Jewish Hospitals.

One major challenge I face now is finding a nursing residency or internship in NY for teaching. I would like to get started as a adjunct nurse lecturer as the minimum requirement is BSN, and enrollment into a Masters Degree program. Its difficult because the requirements are so high for nurse lectures/professors, understandably