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William Brooke, RN-BC

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I live in Beautiful Misty Monterey County California with my lovely wife and two wonderful children. I am a Board Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse and Holistic Nurse and work as an emergency psychiatric crisis RN in the community hospital hidden in the rare green pines of the Monterey Peninsula. My dream is to become a PMHNP and integrate holistic care into mental health nursing. I just completed my BSN and am honored to be a 2019 APNA Board of Directors Student Scholar.

I love to read, studying psychology, philosophy, ecology, and the many Great Wisdom Traditions of the World, I also love to play drums and write poetry, go to the beach and camp in my spare time. I I enjoy jogging with my children and me and my son will be doing the 3K by the Bay for the 3rd year running (pun not intended).​​