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Moniaree Parker Jones, Ed.D., MSN, COI, is an Assistant Professor in Nursing at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama and part-time Legal Nurse Consultant in Birmingham, Alabama. Prior to assuming her current positions, she worked as Assistant Professor at Auburn University at Montgomery, a legal nurse consultant with the law firms of Bradley Arant Boult Cummings, and Haskell, Slaughter, Young, and Rediker. She worked previously as a case manager, an occupational health nurse in a large commodities chemical plant in Louisiana, and has experience in psychiatric, emergency room nursing and public health. Jones received her Associate Degree in Nursing from Troy University, a Bachelor’s in Nursing, and a Masters Degree in Nursing Case Management from the University Of Alabama Capstone College of Nursing. Jones holds her doctorate degree in Instructional Leadership/ Emphasis Nurse Educator) from the University of Alabama. She is a past recipient of the Sigma Theta Tau Most Outstanding Masters in Nursing Student award and the Writer’s Award from the Capstone College of Nursing. She holds certifications in occupational health and case management. Jones currently serves on the National Board as a Director-At- Large for the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants in Chicago, IL. She is the local founder of the Central Alabama Association of Occupational Health Nurses and is current Chair of the Alabama Coalition of Nursing Organizations. Jones is a member of the Case Management Society of America having served as a previous Board member. Jones has served on the University of Alabama at Birmingham Deep South Center for Occupational Health and Safety Planning Committee, and President of the Greater Birmingham Association of Legal Nurse Consultants. Jones is a published journal and book chapter author with her latest publication on The Lived Experience of Chronic Pain In Nurse Educators. She is a frequent lecturer and guest speaker. Jones may be reached at or

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