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CNS charting

Can someone tell me if CNS charting with the new codes is identical to the PMHNP charting recommendations?

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Charting format

My facility is trying to decide if the BIRPE format is the best, most user friendly way to chart

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Documentation frequency

Currently we are charting a head to toe physical assessment twice a day, a mental status nursing note twice a day, plus other charting like education, fall risk, IPOC, delirium assessment, pain assessment, braden, and on the early warning system (EWSS). All this charting takes nursing's time away from the bedside with patients. I am wanting to decrease the amount of charting nursing is required to do. For those of you that work on units similar to mine, how often are you charting on the patients and what are you chartings?

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Looking for collaborating psychiatrist

I am currently on the search for a new collaborating psychiatrist willing to be available for questions, challenging client situations, and for 2-3 x a year chart reviews

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Safety Checks via Epic or other Technology

We are looking at moving this to computerized charting.

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Restraint (seclusion?) room location

If the route is through the nursing station or charting area or offices, and the patient is NOT in restraints while being escorted, then there is the chance that the patient might break free and access items that could be used to harm (self or others)