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Malpractice Insurance for APRN

own private practice in Maine and I am

APRN State by State Practice Authority Guide

information on PMH-APRN scope of practice

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Textbook for Psych APRNs

expert psych APRNs in practice and also has...Psychotherapy for the Advanced Practice overall holistic model for practice

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Competition & the Regulation of APRNs

proposals to limit APRN scope of practice

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Psych APRNs left out again!

the Psych APRN. When the CNS was removed...I practiced as an APRN for almost 20 yrs...reimbursed at a lower rate than most APRNs...APRNs do this, CMS probably thinks there

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Text Books for Psychiatric Mental Health APRN Education

interested particularly in Advance Practice...practice psychiatric nursing. New York...) Psychotherapy for the advanced practice psychiatric...). The theory and practice of group

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KY Gov Signs Bill Giving Prescriptive Authority to APRNs After 4 Years of CP

signed a bill that will allow APRNs to...practiced under a collaborative practice...profession exercises towards APRNs and the does not include experienced APRNs as

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DSM-5 for APRNs

Introducing a new 7-part interactive course on the DSM-5! Space is limited, so register ASAP.

Recognition for PMH APRNs!

APNA is pleased to have worked with ANA Government Affairs to effect an important change to language in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

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Missouri APRN Inpatient Psych.

Hi, I am hoping to find someone who has worked or is currently working in Missouri as a PMHAPN in an inpatient/acute care psych. setting. I need to know how defined your role was in conjunction with your collaborating psychiatrist. In particular, did you see new patients, complete the H&P,...

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