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Safety Checks

As a member of the administrative council I find member feedback very important. If anyone finds an evidence based practice article such as the one cited here or develops one, please keep us informed. Membership matters- your input much appreciated. Thanks Donald for contributing. Mary Ann Wilkinson

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Special Edition on Safety

Special issue on Inpatient Safety

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New Safety Toolbox for Nurses Week

The Safety Toolbox contains limited time free continuing education as well as other resources

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Safety Checks via Epic or other Technology

​We are currently using paper and pen to document safety checks.

National Patient Safety Goal Related to Suicide: Call for Comments

The Joint Commission is seeking comments on its proposed revisions to the NPSG Related to Suicide for hospitals.

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Behavioral Rapid Response Teams

I teach CPI (Crisis Prevention Institute) for verbal de-escalation and personal safety training to our Psych ED staff...I found CPI personal safety techniques more "user friendly" than some HWC moves

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Because you’re not “just a nurse” - because YOU ARE A NURSE!

You're invited to join Suzanne Gordon for a video presentation: Team Intelligence in Action: The Key to Nursing Voice and Patient Safety (Keynote originally presented at the APNA 27th Annual Conference)

52 Annual Conference podcasts are now posted in the APNA eLearning Center!

Put together your own program - choose from podcasts on a variety of topics, such as workplace safety, substance use, and recovery

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Satisfaction Survey

Questions are related to helped by psychiatrist, nurses, social work, groups, safety, surroundings, etc

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APNA position paper on ECT

The standards and safety measures are even higher today

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