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Joanne Matthew, MS, RN, PCNS

Butler Hospital

United States


I have worked as a psychiatric nurse since 1988 and am Board Certified in Adult Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing. I currently serve as the Director of Nursing Quality and as Nurse Manager of the Intensive Treatment Unit at Butler Hospital. I recently served as an editor and contributor for a new textbook on inpatient psychiatric nursing which was an AJN 2012 Book of the Year winner. I have collaborated on a NIH-funded study of yoga vs. an educational intervention for persistent major depression (R01 NR012005). I am currently collaborating on an NIH funded research project to develop an ACT-based group intervention for inpatients. Finally, I have been an adjunct clinical instructor for undergraduate nursing students at the University of Rhode Island for approximately three years. I am passionate about improving patient care in the hospital setting; identifying what we do as psychiatric nurses and finding identifiable nurse sensitive patient outcomes. I enjoy the collaboration and networking that is available through APNA. I have participated in several councils and am a board member of the NEAPNA chapter.