Why is it so difficult to find a psychiatric preceptor?

By Brian Howard posted 11 days ago

Why is it so difficult to find a willing psychiatric preceptor?  Any ideas?  Would love to hear!



10 days ago

​I do about the same with precepting students. I think once you get used to doing it, it really does not take any extra time. I just know that many folks see it as extra work.  Have a great day!

10 days ago

Thank you for responding!  I did locums in Michigan in a large ED, as an APRN and had a great experience with RNs, PAs, and APNs.  I currently take 1-2 students/yr to precept and have never given a second thought to precepting a future NP, nor has it ever cut into my personal time.

10 days ago

​Lots of reasons; lack of time on the job, lack of training to be a preceptor, concern that it will cut into personal time.  These are the reasons I hear when I am (desperately) searching for a preceptor for a student nurse in my state (Michigan - howdy neighbor!). I think more should be done in nursing schools to emphasize the importance of giving back - and teaching precepting skills.