Non-psychiatric nurses: Invitation to join study

By Debra Ollila posted 11 days ago

Hello all,

I am in the data collection stage of my doctoral dissertation and seeking participants to join my study.  I would like to ask for help with the recruitment of non-psychiatric nurses who have had experience caring for psychiatric patients in a non-psychiatric setting.  If you know nurses who meet the following criteria to join the study, will you please forward this announcement to them?

General Description: This is an invitation for non-psychiatric nurses to join a study to discover their experiences of caring for persons with mental illness in a non-psychiatric setting. This study will also seek to discover non-psychiatric nurses' experiences of caring for persons with mental illness during the COVID pandemic.

Inclusion Criteria: Non-psychiatric registered nurses licensed in the U.S. who do not consider themselves skilled in caring for persons with mental illness, and who have not had the researcher, Debra Ollila, as a nursing instructor.

Participants will be asked to complete a virtual interview lasting 45-60 minutes via Skype or Zoom. Please click on the Qualtrics link below for more information.

Researcher(s): Debra S. Ollila, PhDc, APRN-CNS, PMH-BC, MS, RN-BC, PhD Candidate, University of Northern Colorado; School of Nursing;

Thank you for forwarding this invitation to non-psychiatric nurses who may meet the criteria to join the study.  I appreciate your help, and look forward to completing my study, 

Debra S. Ollila, PhDc, APRN-CNS, PMH-BC, MSN, RN-BC
Instructor of Nursing