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Finding PMH-NP Preceptor Tips

By Helene Vossos posted 08-01-2021 06:16 PM

Hello Colleagues,

Some strategies that work to find PMH-NP preceptors are:

Contact local psychiatric hospitals, PMH-NPs, psychiatrists, social workers, clinical psychologists, licensed mental health therapists, or addictionologists.

Pearls of previous success stories:
Caveat: When leaving a message with the psychiatric nurses in the psychiatric hospital unit for a specific request to precept with one of their practitioners, be precise of the dates/hours you may need in 16 weeks. For example, "I am requesting one day per week, either on a Wednesday or Thursday." Leave your email and phone number and a date to call them back. Get the name of who you talked too. This method is highly effective.

  • Post requests in Linkedin
  • Post request in doximity and network
  • Post request in the Facebook blogs
  • Network with other nurses, go to conferences, live zoom webinars and get involved in your local chapters
  • Look up on the board of medicine in your state, for PMH-NPs or psychiatrists and call their office to request to "learn (precept) one day per week" (Remember they use words like residencies). 
Best of luck!