PMHNP Post Masters student desperate for preceptor hours

By Karen Overmeyer posted 08-03-2021 11:32 PM

My preceptor for Fall has fallen through and I have not been able to locate one PMHNP who will take a student. I hate to have to shell out $5,000 to Preceptor sharks to find me someone! I have had to sit out once and am ready to throw in the towel. As an Adult NP, I was always happy to have a student. I'm finding it unsettling that PMHNPs do not want to give back, help engage, and be a role model for the profession. I thought it was strange to have another profession (LCSWs) instead of PMHNPs precepting us anyways! The preceptors I had with my Adult NP journey were fabulous and I still credit them for helping me hit the ground running. I have 30 years of experience!  What is the issue in the PMHNP world? Just curious and frustrated. I certainly will contribute IF I ever get through this part of the program! Thank you for taking the time to listen. I am willing to travel. Live in the panhandle of WV, VA, Md...willing to head back to Richmond, VA, Va Beach, wherever!



11 days ago

Hello ladies, I understand your frustration as I experienced having to sit out after finishing my coursework and was challenged with finding a preceptor.  I did not have a robust clinical experience but I was able to clock the hours, graduate, pass my certification exam.  Once I started looking for a position this was a difficult challenge as well as I was living in a state that required a collaborative agreement with a physician before applying for a position.  I ended up accepting a position on the opposite side of the map. I moved from Alabama to Washington State.  Washington State does not require a collaborative agreement. Yeah!.  I would love to help someone gain their clinical hours but am a little apprehensive about precepting at this stage because I have only been practicing for about 6 months.

16 days ago

Karen, I am experiencing similar frustration in finding a PMHNP preceptor here in Central California, and have had to sit out the fall 2021 semester for this reason. I understand there are complications in offering a full clinical experience with telepsych visits, which many practitioners have converted to because of COVID. I know there is an urgent need for more psych NPs in my region--trying to stay positive.