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PMHNP Post Masters student desperate for preceptor hours

By Karen Overmeyer posted 08-03-2021 11:32 PM

My preceptor for Fall has fallen through and I have not been able to locate one PMHNP who will take a student. I hate to have to shell out $5,000 to Preceptor sharks to find me someone! I have had to sit out once and am ready to throw in the towel. As an Adult NP, I was always happy to have a student. I'm finding it unsettling that PMHNPs do not want to give back, help engage, and be a role model for the profession. I thought it was strange to have another profession (LCSWs) instead of PMHNPs precepting us anyways! The preceptors I had with my Adult NP journey were fabulous and I still credit them for helping me hit the ground running. I have 30 years of experience!  What is the issue in the PMHNP world? Just curious and frustrated. I certainly will contribute IF I ever get through this part of the program! Thank you for taking the time to listen. I am willing to travel. Live in the panhandle of WV, VA, Md...willing to head back to Richmond, VA, Va Beach, wherever!



05-05-2022 12:56 PM

I understand your frustration and have had a similar experience  with paying to find a preceptor.  I work two jobs- taking a day off from one for clinicals and school- and precept FNP AGNP  ACNP and other students  at both jobs BECAUSE finding a preceptor for FNP was so difficult.  Now I need someone in the Chicago area for the final semester in Spring 2023.  
Even the ISAPN preceptor pass is not helpful.  We really need to get something organized in nursing for this. Catherine

10-23-2021 04:12 AM


Me too. I am looking for the PMHNP  preceptor in California and I am willing to take telehealth. Any experience will be great help. Thank you.

10-01-2021 09:21 AM

Hello. I believe we are in the same course at Maryville. I am also very frustrated because in Florida where I reside, it is extremely hard to secure a preceptor. I am 6 weeks behind and was set to begin clinical hours at the Pasco County jail. However, I was just informed that my preceptor just backed out due to conditions at the jail. This was after I underwent a background check (which, of course was clear) and was all set to start.I have contacted approximately 20 providers to no avail. No one is taking students. I have an application in with Suncoast and was just informed again that they are not accepting students at this time. If anyone knows of someone near me it would be greatly appreciated. I am in St. Petersburg, Florida but will travel to Lakeland, Sarasota or surrounding areas. I can also complete hours via Telehealth. Trying to stay positive......
Andrea Cacciurri, MSN, FNP

09-23-2021 08:49 PM

Hi there, not conveniently located for you as I practice in Arizona.  But have precepted several post graduate PMHNP students who were FNP's.  I had a student who moved to the Virginia or West Virginia area.  She may be willing to precept as it's been more than two years ago I precepted her and hoping she's been in practice.  Her name is Margaret Selena Yearwood.  Not sure again if she's in practice, but I will call her to inquire if she is up to this.

09-09-2021 08:01 AM

Hello ladies, I understand your frustration as I experienced having to sit out after finishing my coursework and was challenged with finding a preceptor.  I did not have a robust clinical experience but I was able to clock the hours, graduate, pass my certification exam.  Once I started looking for a position this was a difficult challenge as well as I was living in a state that required a collaborative agreement with a physician before applying for a position.  I ended up accepting a position on the opposite side of the map. I moved from Alabama to Washington State.  Washington State does not require a collaborative agreement. Yeah!.  I would love to help someone gain their clinical hours but am a little apprehensive about precepting at this stage because I have only been practicing for about 6 months.

09-03-2021 05:01 PM

Karen, I am experiencing similar frustration in finding a PMHNP preceptor here in Central California, and have had to sit out the fall 2021 semester for this reason. I understand there are complications in offering a full clinical experience with telepsych visits, which many practitioners have converted to because of COVID. I know there is an urgent need for more psych NPs in my region--trying to stay positive.