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Featured Article: The Development of Trauma and Resilience Competencies for Nursing Education

By Kayla Herbell posted 01-03-2022 11:03 AM


Each month, the Research Council Steering Committee features an article written by an APNA member.

This month we are featuring an article by Dr. Kathleen Wheeler and Dr. Katy Phillips titled, The Development of Trauma and Resilience Competencies for Nursing Education.

Article Highlight: Trauma has come to the forefront due to its relationship to poor mental and physical health outcomes. At the same time, resilience has been shown to help moderate the effects of adversity. A grant funded expert panel convened to create competencies in trauma and resilience for nursing education. The competencies were then validated in a Delphi study, which is explained in this publication. The competencies provide ideas on how to integrate education on trauma and resilience into nursing education. This is particularly important given the increase in nurse burnout due to the pandemic along with higher rates of suicide in nurses compared to the general population. Within the competencies, self-resilience for nurses is highlighted and ideas are provided to help nurses learn these skills during time when nurses are in need of support. Here's a link to the competencies:

Check out the article here: DOI 10.1177/1078390319878779

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