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Dr. Kathryn Phillips: Featured APNA Member of the Month

By Kayla Herbell posted 03-09-2022 06:25 PM

Each month, the Research Council Steering Committee features an APNA member. This month, we are featuring Dr. Kathryn Phillips!

The Origin Story

I became interested in eating and weight disorders when I was working on a floor that primarily served women with trauma histories, many of whom also had co-occurring disordered eating behaviors. My initial work focused on the biopsychosocial basis of eating behavior. Since then, I’ve branched out to work on stress adaptation and coping. My recent work has included the testing of stress-reduction and resilience interventions, while continuing work in the area of eating behavior. As a nurse educator, I also wanted to ensure nursing students were prepared to care for those with trauma histories, which encompasses ensuring they know how to manage their own stress. This interest led to the co-coordination of a group that created Trauma and Resilience Competencies for Nursing Education.  

So What?

We will all experience stressors in life. Understanding what we can do to positively adapt to stress is important for our overall well-being. It’s equally important to examine why some individuals experience less difficulty in successfully adapting to stress, while others struggle with the process. Determining the reasons for differences in stress adaptation may lead to interventions that help those who have difficulty or use less successful coping strategies.


My goal is to help people maximize their potential. Ultimately, we all want to be happy, loved and fulfilled. I would like to contribute to the science that optimizes overall well-being for everyone, regardless of the adversities they have faced.

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