Creating a different culture

By Marika O'Baire-Kark posted 12-08-2013 02:28 PM

Dear Marisa:  I recommend a book you can download for free called Living Deliberately by Harry Palmer.

What I have learned is very effective for creating an extraordinary culture is giving relevant information, acknowledgement, appreciation and genuine admiration.  When people learn how to do this, the results are extraordinary. 

For example, imagine you are breaking up a bullying situation on an adolescent unit by drawing two people apart and having them face each other (out of striking distance). 

(Made up names)  Harold (the abused)  please tell James (the abuser) how he hurts you.

James, please tell Harold what you are trying to do by hurting him.

Harold, tell James what he does well. (this could be something very small)

James, please tell Harold what he does well. (ensure this statement is not abusive)

Harold, please tell James what you appreciate about him.

James, please tell Harold what you appreciate about him.

Harold, please tell James what you genuinely (emphasize honest) like about him.

James, please tell Harold what you genuinely like about him.

        If the unit staff has been bullying each other, you could try role modeling at staff meetings.  The benefits of working to create this type of culture are:  retaining staff, few to none emotional issues getting in the way of interactions that strengthen each other, allowing for growth of everyone concerned, allowing the enjoyment of work to replace the stress, etc. etc.

       In addition to being a poet, and an RN working on an adult mental health unit,  with adolescent unit experience, I am an licensed Avatar Master delivering international courses whose mission is to create peace in the world.  This is the most quietly effective, successful movement for peace I have ever seen. See