Meals from home

By Mary Carmel posted 03-12-2019 07:49 PM

i am interested in hearing how inpatient units manage meals brought in from home. Are there concerns about contraband being smuggled in. Rules on type of containers, etc. Any thoughts/experiences are appreciated.



05-28-2019 01:43 PM

I work in an acute facility with separate units for child/adolescents, depression/substance abuse & the 3rd is altered mental status.  We do not allow ANY food from home or fast foods.  Anything brought to the patient has to be in it’s original & SEALED store packaging.  No fountain drinks and no cans.  Sometimes there is an exception such as a birthday, but that has to be approved by the Dr and Director PRIOR to arrival.  Hope this helps....
Carrie, RN

05-14-2019 01:31 PM

With the way people can bake-in marijuana like “green Ganga cookies” or a “coke smoothie” or other wrapped “candy” I think food from home is a no no.

04-29-2019 11:54 AM

I work in a "Medium Secure Rehabilitation Unit". We allow food to be brought in, but all food stuffs are searched (it's "interesting"  searching a whole roast chicken). Contraband does occasionally get in but we've only had about 2-3 incidents in the last four years. And those incidents are mostly related to inexperienced staff carrying out the search. As for containers because we have a fully functioning kitchen in which the patients can prepare their own meals. It's pretty much 'anything goes' but the consumers can only access the kitchen with a staff member present.

04-02-2019 02:52 PM

​We do not allow any home cooked food to be brought in. Only packaged food that is unopened. We do not allow fast food to be brought in either.