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Cold Call for Preceptor in Los Angeles

By Michelle Devile posted 02-09-2023 09:33 AM


Hello everyone!

My name is Michelle, starting the summer I am going to be needing a preceptor for my PMHNP program so I am on the look out for anyone who may be interested in doing so. I’m currently a MSN student at Duke. Our program is both distance based and in-person for specific workshops/evaluations. Previous to being a psych nurse I was working in critical care (PICU). I’m currently working as a psych nurse in a hospital on the west side in Los Angeles that primarily caters to underserved populations. There are only a couple of NPs/psych MDs that I would want to model my future work after- and they are consequently already swamped with students until the fall. 
On a more personal note- previous to nursing I was a waitress for almost 10 years and I’m fluent Spanish speaking. 

I know some people really like precepting, if that’s you I would love to meet with you (no expectations for you to commit until after you see whether having me around would be palatable or not)!

**Picture of Joshua Tree sunset attached both as bait and to bring some zen to your day

Thank you for reading