Real Time Rounding

By Rebecca Carrasco posted 7 days ago

I have heard that JCAHO and CMS are recommending that 15 minute rounding on inpatient psych units be in real time. Has anyone implemented this? Is it a standard yet? How can it be implemented and still coincide with a 15 minute observation order? Won't some patients be observed earlier and some later? How is the audit to be done efficiently?
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2 days ago

We have two round sheets that we utilize simultaneously. We have our 15-minute round sheets and then 5-minute round sheets for high risk clients (will soon be transitioning to the standard 15-min high risk, 30-min non-high risk to prevent desensitization). Our Techs/CNA are expected to make rounds constantly and trade off every hour or so with the other Techs/CNAs on shift. It meets JCAHO standards, insurance standards, and helps keep our patients safe. It also ensures our patients that someone is always walking around, checking on their needs, and can provide assistance/guidance as necessary. Hope this helps!