I am in full agreement with your entry

By April Barrio posted 11-15-2012 03:48 PM

I read your lengthy statement and what caught me was your situation.  I too was out of the loop working abroad and than struck with a ill spouse.  For the past 3 yrs my life has been havoc and some how I missed the time when they decided to retire our certification.  There seems to be a real lack of sensitivity and compassion for those of us long practicing psych Nurses and practitioners.  Life circumstances will happen to all of us and we must have more sympathitic leaders.  Try and get through the certification agency that is never available.  The whole process is abusive and is not guaranteeing safety or any human caring that we espouse for our pts.  I am glad someone has spoken up.  I needed the Ceu's but my spouse had surgery and so I could not attend.  It sounds that I did not miss much if the governing board continues to be insensitive.  Cheers to you.  April B  NP