By Jasmine Bratton- Robinson posted 10 days ago


Blog Post: Vaping Crisis

Watching the recent headlines regarding this Vaping Crisis among teenagers I can't help but to think about the mental health implications behind this. These teenagers are permanently damaging their lungs, and there have even been deaths reported. I'm glad to see there are talks about the government stepping in to add more guidelines and oversight, however I kind of wish they were this involved with getting people to quit smoking as well. Which we all know by now is highly addictive and causes just as much damage if not more.

What are your thoughts?

Jasmine Bratton-Robinson
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I agree, however, as a society, we are not focused on prevention. With cigarettes, it takes a very long time to see the damages caused by smoking, whereas with vaping, you can see the damages immediately. Again, we are a reactive society. As it relates to the mental health component of vaping, there are tremendous implications for us to consider.