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Deborah Acker, JD, MSN, NM, RNC-OB/EFM, CNM

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Perinatal Excellence

Perinatal Excellence


I am a "seasoned" professional, still going full speed.  I live in Placerville, CA and have been working for years in Sacramento.

 I am thrilled to begin my journey to gain a post-master's PMHNP certificate. I have begun this week and envision finishing in November 2024.

I have experience as a Certified Nurse Midwife (20+ years), an attorney (10+ years), a public health professional, and most recently, a faculty member teaching and leading prelicensure education in nursing.

  • I hope to serve clients in the perinatal mental health clinical area. I was on medical staffs at large healthy systems delivering babies for a long time, and caring for clients with mental health issues was always a specialty of mine given that the field was not well-developed at the time.  It would be great to share thoughts and visualize how to grow this area of practice.

  • I am also interested in working with professionals struggling with career issues. I know this territory well as a health care professional and as an attorney.

  • I hope to get into integrative health and explore various modalities that are proven effective. I have always had one foot in CAM as a nurse-midwife and want to retain that perspective while having a firm foundation in mainstream practice.

  • I am interested in the concept and practice of using "nature" as a healing tool. Have always lived surrounded by nature and rely on that to stay resilient.

Like many others, I would be very grateful for help in locating preceptorship opportunities: I need to find a high volume site and work with a preceptor psychiatrist starting in November. I am not seeking experience in the specialties above for that rotation. I would like to see a broad variety of psychiatric diagnoses and acuities, hopefully in an acute care setting.

After that rotation, I will seek experience that support my interests, and would be happy to receive advice/contacts for next year.

Hoping to get to know you all, Best wishes, Deborah Acker

Expert Knowledge Areas

  • Administration
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Chronic Mental Illness
  • Crisis/Trauma
  • Culture
  • Education
  • Health Policy
  • Leadership
  • Managed Care/Utilization Review
  • Prevention/Health Promotion
  • Standards/Ethics
  • Women's Health