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Knot or body

In the knot/body takes place the development of the aspects that were indicated in the. As a rule, each aspect mentioned in the thesis will take up one paragraph of the essay.

However, the organization of the knot/body will vary somewhat depending on the choice of one or the other argumentation strategy is chosen.

This is a very important section of the essay as it demonstrates the writer's organizational and argumentative skills of the best paper writing service. Thus, the proper use of transitions and the good handling of the use of logic are crucial in this section.
There are different strategies for organizing the knot/body, often several of them

The academic essay does not usually make use of description or narration, but rather exposition, i.e., it includes a general statement (thesis) and specific
statement (thesis) and specific evidence to support it. However, depending on the purpose, the writer will use one or another strategy of argumentation:

- Analysis. It consists of the description of parts or components of an entity. It is
a technique specific to the study of literature. Thus, the analysis of a novel
would include the characters, the plot, the point of view and other elements that make up the novel.

- Comparison and contrast. Serves to point out similarities and differences between two or more sets or entities.

- Definition. Clarification of a term or concept that the reader may be unfamiliar with.

The different ways of defining include: the situation of a concept within a class, illustration by means of examples, the use of synonyms, and etymology.

- Classification. This is very similar to analysis, but instead of asking about the parts of which the whole is composed, it asks about the different classes of the entity.

For example, the picaresque novel could be studied as a class within the novel in general, insofar as it is a subgroup of the novel. within the novel in general insofar as it is a subgroup or genre.

- Cause and effect. Examines an object or phenomenon and looks for its origins and consequences.

WARNING: Another way of convincing the reader not by evidence but by emotionality is the so-called persuasive strategies. Figurative language is used
(images, metaphors and other rhetorical figures) in order to reach the reader. Although they are used in both advertising and creative writing, they are not the subject of this course and should not be used in academic essays.

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