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Research Paper on Family Planning: Ethical Considerations

A common assignment in sociology disciplines is writing research paper on family planning. To write my paper on family planning implies investigating a planning problem in selected population.

Although the sections in research paper are the same, regardless of topic, there might be several questions, specifically on ethics that might be characteristic to research paper on family planning.

In that regard, this article attempts to answer some of the questions regarding writing research paper on family planning.

Implementation of Research

First of all, writing research paper on family planning implies identifying a current problem that requires investigation. A review of literature might indicate the gaps in knowledge as well as the social implications of the research’s potential findings. According to the experts from programming help service - one of the questions that should be raised is related to the methodology, according to which the study will be conducted.

One of the possible methods in research paper on family planning can be seen in conducting a survey, although the methods might vary with different purposes. Thus, before conducting the survey, the researcher should identify any ethical aspects that might arise in the research paper on family planning.

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Ethics and Research Participants

The ethical aspects in research paper on family planning should be related to the target population of the study. In that regard, the ethical questions regarding family planning in black families, 20-30 years of age, are different from white families, with an income between $30000 and $50000. Accordingly, such ethical questions should be clearly identified in research papers on family planning, specifically in the section of methodologies, e.g. in the survey.

As a final remark, the question of ethics in research paper is significant and should not be overlooked. The later is specifically true for such social issues as family planning.

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