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When Joe made an application for college admission, he was sure that he would be admitted at the college to pursue a degree in economics. He was a good businessman who had successfully managed to start his own business and the business was doing very well. He attributed this success to his excellent planning and writing skills ( this prompted him to pursue a degree in economics so that he would enhance his planning skills. Previously, Joe was discouraged by his friends who argued out that economics was not a good course because all economists are two handed. They argued out that one need to consider issues in a perspective that seems the most appealing and not talking about what happens on one hand and what happens to the other hand. An economist, for instance would argue out that inflation is good for an economy one hand while it negatively affects the economy on the other hand. Such an argument makes it interesting for people to debate and the worst happens when the argument for the idea seems to have equal weight with the counterarguments.

Joe’s friends wee not convinced whether his application for admission in the college would be successful and this did not deter him from pursuing his dream career. They advised him to buy an essay that he would use in making his application but he defied. Two weeks later, Joe was very surprised when his application failed to meet the requirements of the college. It would have been better for him if he listened t what his friends advised him because the essay he would have bought would have been a success given the fact that the people who write such essays are highly experienced.

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