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Parmariessa O'Neal, MH-RN, BSN,

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I have been working in a Forensic Psychiatric State Hospital since I graduated in 2011. I currently work on a female admission unit for patients who were found by the court to be "unable to aid and assist in their defense." Occasionally, being an all female unit we also provide care for patients who were found by the court to be "guilty except for insanity" and will serve time for their crime in the hospital setting.

My prior health care experience includes working in the hospital laboratory setting for several years and working as a telemetry technician and unit clerk for several years.

I am currently working on completing my Masters in Nursing Leadership and Management. I am working on my capstone project which is a research study regarding the lasting effects of aggression on psychiatric nursing staff.

When I'm not at work I'm spending time with my husband and two children. My son is six and attending first grade and my daughter is three and in preschool. They are fun kids and keep me busy.

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  • Forensic