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Dr. Nina Beaman, EdD, MSN, CNE, RN-BC (PMH)

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I came to psychiatric nursing through my interest in women's health. Even though I worked my way through nursing school as a prepared childbirth educator, I decided to practice in home health and long-term care (for the mentally and neurologically ill) for decades. Board certified in Ambulatory Women's Health, I became concerned about the amount of postpartal depression I was witnessing. Then, after probing, found a definite link with domestic violence. Concerned about violence, I began working in the elementary schools in my rural Virginia County to decrease violence and substance abuse. I was approached by a sheriff candidate to work with the Nelson County Sheriff's Office after his election. I consult with the sheriff on anti-violence programs in the county (in elementary and high schools, and within the community), grant funding, and behavioral profiling when violent episodes (rarely) occur. Board certified in both Psychiatric/Mental Health and Ambulatory Women's Health, I am a frequent speaker on issues related to violence against women. I am currently the Director of the Online Nursing Program at Aspen University.Genuinely honored to be working with this talented group, I offer myself to help on any projects that arise. I completed my dissertation on "Disaster Simulation for Promoting Volunteerism of Medical Assisting Students."

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