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Jasmine Bratton, RN



As a relatively new nurse starting out in the area of psychiatry I have so many different thoughts and feelings. I'm very excited to have graduated from nursing school and got into my first choice of areas to work in. Many people have looked down at my decision to be in psychiatry fresh out of nursing school. They would say things like, "You should do Med-Surg" or "Your to young to do psych that's for when you get older as a nurse and don't want to work on the floor as much." Well, what I would say to those people is I love psychiatry and from the moment I did my clinical rotation I knew that's where I belonged. There is no feeling better then being able to connect to what you do in life. I feel I connect with the study of the mind. The mysterious path of thought connected to action. All the mystery of human behavior has captured me. So, yes I'm 2 years out of nursing school, 24 years old and I am a psychiatric nurse and proud. I'm starting this blog to connect with fellow members of APNA to share thoughts, and insight on everything psychiatric nursing related. So, please don't be a stranger. Also, I'm a member of the New York Chapter incase anyone was curious.
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